PATIENT: Jan Lawson

“I have been coming to see Dr. Bernhard the last 32 years (…). What I like about Dr. Bernhard is that he listens to his patients. He is very understating, he does not abuse the system. In other words, there are “people” out there that tend to have you coming back and back and back and that is not him.”

PATIENT: William Cary

“Aside of him being really good at what he does there is also a very good personal effect that he throws on it. He is very friendly with his patients, I feel like he can talk about something with everybody no matter what it is. It just makes is for a very pleasant experience to be seen.”

PATIENT: Greg Brazer

“I was in an auto accident a few months ago, and decided to come in and see if he would be able to help me with my neck pain. So far it has been great, it’s definitely a good experience.

PATIENT: Allen Hallifax

“I started coming to the doc because I was having these migraines which would keep me flat on my back (…). He started working on my right away. Since then it’s been no comparison, just no comparison it’s like I have my life back again, I can do things again and not worry about migraines.”

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