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On your first visit you will be warmly greeted and asked to fill out some forms which will help us gain information about you and better understand your condition.

Dr. Bernhard will then talk with you and ask you some questions about your past medical history and the nature and onset of your condition. If he then feels he can help you a thorough chiropractic examination will be given. If he cannot, he will try and refer you to a specialist who may be of assistance.

Following your consultation the chiropractic examination will consist of analysis of the muscular, skeletal and systemic components of your body. Measurements in ranges of motion, reflexes, vital signs, Orthopedic and neurological tests as well as thorough examination of injured regions or areas of concern. There are times when specialized study may employ an X-ray or MRI, which if needed, will be produced by one of our local radiologists.

Once Dr. Bernhard has obtained all the information needed he will give you a report of his findings and recommend an appropriate treatment plan.


  • Effective Chiropractic Care should relieve pain.
  • A comprehensive Chiropractic Care Program should promote full-body health and healing.
  • Personalized Chiropractic Care should maintain full-range of function and motion.
  • Chiropractic Care should provide a natural form of healing without drugs or surgery.


As you know, your nervous system consists of a brain, spinal cord and millions of nerve cells, which are supported and protected by your skull and spinal vertebrae. Through many everyday activities your spinal vertebrae may lose their normal position or motion which results in nervous system dysfunction. When this happens, you usually feel pain.

Chiropractic care is the practice philosophy which believes that pain, systemic dysfunction, and disease may result from joint distortion and a lack of normal nerve function that can be corrected through effective manipulation techniques, physiotherapy and specific adjustments of the body structure (ie. neck, lower back, spinal column, extremity joints et cetera).


A chiropractor is a physician who practices the manipulation sciences utilizing many specialized procedures. He is also a therapy specialist. There are many methods employed to properly diagnosis and treat specific pain. Dr. Bernhard uses several specific advanced techniques and therapies to aid him in his pursuit of alleviating pain and promoting good health with each new patient.

Many accident victims from whiplash or auto accidents, work related sprains/strains or falls at home (no matter how minor or serious) often times do not fully recover either when not treated or only with conventional medicine. Perhaps you’re in good health but this persistent headache just won’t stop and medication doesn’t seem to help. No amount of drugs can alleviate pain when symptoms are caused by pinched nerves or changes in joint structure.

Only a chiropractor is trained to analyze your spine for vertebral distortion that damages the nerves. In many cases, chiropractic care may help by providing effective treatment for pain relief and proper healing both safely, quickly, and without drugs or surgery.


Dr. Bernhard will closely evaluate your condition and many times find the root of the cause. It may be something as simple as the way you have been sitting, standing or laying. Then again, it may be as a result of a previous injury or underlying condition not known.

Dr. Bernhard can help if you have been in an auto accident and have auto accident related injuries that could include whiplash, headaches, joint injuries, sprains or strains.

Dr. Bernhard can help if you are experiencing work or job related injuries, including lifting sprains, sitting or standing soreness, condition-specific issues, ergonomic ailments, or extremity problems.

Dr. Bernhard will develop a comprehensive plan if you are experiencing any soreness or pain from a home based injury, fall, sprain, strain, or pain from extended stays in your bed.

If you are having school related pain or discomfort from extracurricular activities, your backpacks, sports, athletic sprains or impacts, sport-related injuries, shoulder pain, knee pain, or ankle pain from activities, Oregon Chiropractic Services can help.

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