Dr. Scott Bernhard

Hi, I’m Dr. Scott Bernhard, Chiropractic Physician. I would like to welcome you to our clinical health care practice, which is dedicated in its purpose and intent to the procurement of pain relief and total body wellness and health through chiropractic care.

I grew up in the great plains of South Dakota. It was probably the chiropractic care I received after hobbling off the football field, basketball court or one of the farms I worked on, that got me interested in the health field.

While in college at Dakota Wesleyan University the clinical sciences quickly grabbed my interests and in a few years I completed my bachelors in premedical academics and was ready for graduate school. Four years flew by in a blur and I found myself eagerly writing state and national boards for my licenses to practice as a chiropractor.

It was in the spring of 1980 that my dream of becoming a doctor came true. After 15 years of practice throughout the Portland metro area, I moved my clinic to the current site of Oregon Chiropractic Services in the spring of 1994. I have been richly blessed with a multitude of wonderful patients now entering my 31st year of practice.

The clinical field of chiropractic has been no less than awe-inspiring for me. As a chiropractic physician it has been challenging and fulfilling in helping our patients with their many health conditions.

We openly welcome the opportunity to serve you with your health concerns.

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