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Throughout my life I have had the distinct privilege to travel to the vast and beautiful domains of our wonderful country. In visiting these different places, my life has been enriched with the inspiration of seeing the various changes in both geological and environmental landscape complexity. Another reward of these travels has been experiencing the social and cultural characteristics of a unique place. For me this is best exemplified in the culinary trends of the local inhabitants.

For the last 40 years I have found a great comfort during most evenings in pouring a glass of wine and trying to create a gourmet flavor in something. Most of the time I am merely making an attempt to re-create the great taste of an eating experience I may have had at a different place and time. Though there have been failures, there has also been a bountiful amount of successful creations in culinary etiquette……. bon appetit. The joys of cooking are something I wish to share with any and all. To this extent I bring you “From Doc’s Kitchen”.